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You no longer have to feel like you’re going it alone in business. Nor should you feel like you’re always competing against a newsfeed on social, or having to work around rules in groups. The One96 Community has been created so that you can become who you were always meant to be, whether you are an entrepreneur, intrapreneur (that’s an ideas person who has a job), a side-hustler or whatever you want to call yourself these days!

We are pioneering a new way of working. With no hierarchy. Honouring your Truth and your Great Work.

We will help you to find what you are truly here to do on in this world, and we’ll help you achieve it too.

Our model is simple. You join our community for a small annual fee. (If you can’t afford it, you can be sponsored in) and we reward you with money (yes, real money) to help us grow whilst we help you to create what you came here to create. It’s simple. You never have to feel alone, isolated or that you are on the outside looking in, ever again.

We believe in being

Collaboration & Community

Annual Fee


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When you join us in the One96 Community you will have the opportunity to grow your business and get support from a team without ever having to hire. You will learn how to make deep and meaningful connections that dismantle the competition mindset, you’ll work in co-working teams so you never feel isolated and alone. You’ll see yourself emerge as who you were always meant to become, honouring your talents, innate gifts and strengths.

No man is an island. We must work in Unity. As One.

When we see each other as co-creators of our destiny, we start to value each and every human more. When we make a decsions that come from a place of love and abundance, not scarcity, we have the chance to change the world. Let’s do that.

Reviews & Endorsements


I was just starting my business, and really wanted to create something that felt good and right and totally me, but when I thought about figuring it all out on my own, the process felt so daunting.¬†You gave me an outside perspective, a framework to follow, and a dose of confidence that I couldn’t have gotten on my own.

– Ange Friesen




Amazing Idea

Video Tutorials

We have created everything that you need to learn to support your growth in business. Plus our collaborators are on hand to help you manage your business, so you stay in your Zone of Genius and continue doing the Great Work you love.

Here’s something equally as awesome. You get to contribute with your ideas, brillance and genius by uploading your own tutes and topics for discussion – this gives you maximum presence with no pressure to sell your services to get hired.

Global Contributors

The online landscape is filled with Social Media, Groups, Websites, Blogs and Online Courses – it’s hard to figure out ‘all the things’ in your business. With our Global network of contributing and collaborating biz owners, you have a team at hand without ever having to hire.

Our motto is Get Help // Get Hired. When we leave our competition mindsets behind and work with each other, in our strengths and in community, everyone is served. We have some work to do to dismantle the conditioning we are so accustomed to, but that’s why we are doing this. Pioneering a new way forward that helps us all.

Why is there a fee to join the Community?

The principle of the Community fee is to ensure that everyone who joins has a level of investment and commitment to create a collaboration community that works. Also, there are lots of free trainings, topics, discussion and tutorials that you’d have to pay $$$$’s for elsewhere.

How to Get Hired by

Email us at with HIRE in the subject line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

New to Collaboration?

Guess what? We were too, but we have your back and want you ALL to succeed.

How to Get Help from

Email us at with Help in your subject line and we’ll respond ASAP.

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We know you love the world online, but sometimes it’s just awesome talking to a human. Our team are all digital nomads and located in over 196 countries, so pop your deets in here and we’ll give you a shout back within 12 hours.

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