We believe we should all work

In Our Zone of Genius

Finally, a way to collaborate on your creative projects & get help to grow, scale whilst doing what YOU love

Fully Customised Divi Websites


We’ll find the fonts that match your brand and style guide and ensure that the look and feel is aligned perfectly to your business essence.

Beautiful Photography

Whitespace, parallax and the use of the right photography in the right places will make your site stand out in a sea of Divi-sameness.


Extra Animations

Divi comes with some options to animate sections. We’ll work with you on your design to create something unique and perfect for your business.

We believe in Creativity

Connection & Community

Our creative collaboration team will work with you to uncover all your online business needs & help you to implement fast!

Online Business Management Support


Want copy that says all the right things and has your business brand on-point? Our amazing team of copy creators will work their magic!


In-sync Systems

We’ve also take care of all your systems and get them working in sync so that you can rely on automation taking care of the parts of your business that you don’t need to.

Superior Support

When you work with us you receive superior support. Email us and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible. In our Collaboration Community, you can also learn how to grow, scale and manage your buisness within our support teams.

Design Your Business

The way YOU want

Our team are all freelancers or online entrepreneurs who know what it’s like to build a business. They work in their zone of genius, so you can work in yours. We believe that when we ALL do the work we LOVE we send ripples of change through the world.

Photography & Images provided by Unsplash.com and DeathToTheStockPhoto.com

Are you ready to take your business to a new level, get help (or get hired for your expertise) and shape the online world that we have become accustomed to living in?

Online Businesses


Simple & Stylish

Solutions & Strategy

Collaboration not Competition

We want your business to be successful. So, our team makes it easy for you to decide what, when and how you want to run your online business. We don’t just help you to create a beautiful business, but we help you to make it work. Without the fluff and BS. There are no $5000 websites built on a theme here unless you want a fully customized (and lots of code alterations, which we can do) to make your site look compelety different from the Divi theme… which is what half the internet is built on these days.

You don’t need to spend over $5k on a website to win business. That my friend, is BS.

Our job is to make yours easy. So you stay working in your zone of genius and we find the right people, at the right time (within budget and project timeframes) to ensure that we are all doing what we love and getting paid for it!


We Love Design

Creative & Collaborative


“Not only One96 create beautiful websites, they take care of all of my Online Business Management needs, I couldn’t run without them, nor would I want to – the team are just brilliant.”

– Peta Panos

Ready to Get Creative?

Our amazing team is ready to collaborate with you and bring your business to life online. We can start with an idea and go from there, there’s no obligation to work with us (and in fact, our Creative Director, Susan Young will want to send you to the right place for your business and she’s all truth and no BS) – we’ll give you the right facts of what you need right now to make your business work for YOU.

Melbourne, Australia


Share Your Vision // Create With Intent