From Fear to Flow

10 Steps to Align Your Energy, Clear Fear & Call-in Your Clients
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20th December 2018
7pm AEDT // 8am GMT

10 Reasons Why!

You’re not calling in your clients and it’s most likely not your message, so if you’re in struggle, set-back and want to move in-stream and flow, this is for you!

Manifesting not Working?

When you’re not manifesting or calling-in your clients, desires, money & all the things, there’s always more than “one reason” why…

Intention is Everything

You may only ever be focused on one or two things in your business, which may be sabotaging your progress, keeping you in struggle & set-back.

From Fear to Flow

Aligned Action from the Right Place

This may sound like I’m about to give you a “formula”, however, what I’ve been testing, studying and observing is something SO simple, yet we all seem to forget or ignore these 10 steps…. and taking the “next step” is actually all we ever need to do, but Fear gets in our way.

I’m going to show you where you haven’t aligned with them in the matrix, your subconscious, unconscious and conscious mind

You’ll learn how to recognise and FEEL your emotions and understand your energy waves so this makes sense for you

A meditation that actually works because of the Intent behind it before we begin

Expect some High Vibe action & fun as we move from Struggle, Set-Back to In-Stream and easy, peasy Flow!

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From Fear to Flow

December 20th, 2018 7pm AEDT // 8am GMT

Intention . Alignment . Matrix .

From Fear to Flow

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Learn the 10 “I AM” Intents

And the order in which your Intentions will Align to your Vision and allow you to energetically call-in your clients and deepest longings & desires.



Emotion = Energy

Understand the Energy Wave for you & how to check-in with your Emotions to make decisions from a place of Aligned Intent, moving from Fear to Flow



Create in Consciousness

Get clear on how the Matrix works for you, create your desires Consciously, in deep connection and resonance with your unique truth (not mine!)