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Quarter One

Intention, Intuition, Connection

Let Go to Grow & Let in! We create daily discipline and practice to connect to our intuition and create clear energy to align to our intentions. You’ll receive a gift (in the post) to help you to cultivate and deepen your practice, to hear your Higher Wisdom “speak” and know your next steps.

How do we manage free will and divinely fated path? How can we hold a Vision as well as have the courage to surrender into something bigger, something more?

Who are you really? When we remove all of your rules and self-imposed authority, you’ll unravel your truth, show up as you are and live your life fully expressed.

Quarter Two

Energy, Emotions, Mental & Physical

What lies behind your intentions are your emotions, your mental self-beliefs and stories and how you feel in your body. This where we shed your old skin, remind you of your loves and loathes and re-affirm your true desires and longings. 

Quarter Three

Lifestyle, Space, Relations

What’s in your space and your life right now? What lifestyle do you want to create? How are your relationships? We’ll identify archetypes, find ways for you to communicate who you are in your strengths & show up for yourself in self-love, self-care and self-leadership.

How do you want to feel everyday? And are you actually FEELING what you need to feel? To release and let go of old fear, trauma and stuck energy, we must know how to sit with “what is” and learn how to trust and surrender. 

How will you know when you’re truly connected to your Soul’s Path and Mission? Easy. You move out of struggle, set-back and move in-stream flow. You know your next steps and even when you feel challenged, you are awake, aware and KNOW with unwavering confidence that you’re on track.

Quarter Four

Career, Money, Impact

This is your priority, right? To #livewhatyoulove and #lovewhatyoudo you need to know “what you do” so that you can make money and an impact. However, you’ll learn that this comes last because our Vision in the other areas BRINGS this to us. We don’t have to seek it. Trust me on this!


We Gather Every Week



I. A. M. Elements

4 Week I.A.M Elements – Unlimited Places

+ I AM Journal & Planner (PDF Printable)

+ Access to the Monthly I.A.M Circles

+ Affirmations, Articles & I.A.M Elements

+ DIY Practices to change your life

+ Support Topics 

I. A. M. Elevate

I.A.M Elements + Elevate + Limited Quarterly Access

+ Quarterly Gifts (delivered to your address!)

+ 4 x 90 Minute Intuitive 1:1 Sessions

+ Wise Counsel Circle-In

+ Fortnightly Workshops & Q&A’s

I. A. M. Elite

I.A.M Elements + Elevate + Limited Availability

+ Monthly 1:1 90 Minute Sessions

+ Visionaire Circle-In Mastermind

+ Promotion of You & Your Products/Programs/Service

+ Awake & Free Retreat Experience in Scotland OR Australia 


We Begin January 18th 2019

Quarter One

Circle-In Date: TBA

Quarter Two

Circle-In Dates: TBA

Quarter Three

Circle-In Dates: TBA

Quarter Four

Circle-In Dates: TBA