Circles & Spaces

Sanctuary & Soul

Find Your Circle & Space, Use Your Voice & Create

Inside each one of us is a unique voice and perspective of this world. Your experience, wisdom and knowledge is the medicine this world needs. In Circle you’ll find sanctuary to share what’s important to you and in our Spaces, you will co-create your Vision & stay on track with your Mission.

As you uncover and discover your truth, tune into your Soul and Raise your Vibration in the company of other Visionary Women, you not only GIVE what others’ may need, you will RECEIVE through deep Connection & Listening, developing your innate Intuitve super-powers along the way.

What is a Circle, Why Join?

For Centuries, Women have gathered in Circle to share stories and wisdom. As this world is evolving and changing, and as we are feeling more isolated than ever before, joining a Circle is a beautiful way to connect with others, make new friends and gather with a shared intent and purpose.

Our Cirlces are both Online & Offline, you can become an Ambassador or Host and create your own, or join in our Monthly Themes to give yourself the opportunity slow down and really, get to know others, forming true, long-lasting relationships to take you further on your path.


We see you and we hear you, we share in your Vision and your Dreams for a new, wonderful future and we celebrate your voice and wisdom, in Unity as we are One. 

The One96 Circle Vision

Every woman, in every community has a space and place to belong. As we’ve innovated our loneliness, cultivated via our lives online, let’s move back into our communites and be of service to those who need us the most, this of course, does not exclude you, as a leader.

Leaders feel isolation too, and in our One96 model, there is no hierarchy. Yes, we have governance around our Leadership, to ensure transparency, trust and Visions are aligned, congruent and that we re-imagine what “power” truly means.

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility and we use “the Six” Radicals, including Responsibility & Accountability for our actions, thoughts, words and how we show up in the world through deepening our connection to Source & following our innate Soul Guidance and Wisdom.

We know that when women come together, in community as one, it’s one of the most powerful forces of the Universe. Our Circles are for women who are awakening to their truth and are willing to help one another rise.

You hear the call and have a Vision for the future that fuels the life force within and helps you stay on track with your Soul path, nurturing, inspiring and showing others their way forward.

We envision Circles in 196 countries around the world.


Co-work, Create & Collaborate in our online or offline curated Spaces where you’ll find inspiration for your ideas to illuminate the world.

The One96 Spaces Vision

Be where you belong and feel you belong everywhere. One96 has a Vision to hold Spaces for co-creation and collaboration in co-working facilites across the globe.

Events for our One96 Members and Ambassadors, plus retreats and revivals in our One96 Hotels of Hope, when you stay, you give back to Humanity.

Each Space & Place will be sacred for you to ensure that you can nurture your Visions in ways that deepen your Spirituality and connection to Self and Source.

Spaces are our Sanctuaries to co-create with the Universe and the plans that are destined for us that we can’t see.

Showing up, in Space in trust and surrender to being of Service is our purpose.


We are Unity. We are One96.

Evolve & Grow