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Courses to Dive Deep into your Gifts & Classes to Activate Your Soul

We’ve developed a Curriculum following the One96 Method which will Align you to your Highest Life Vision & Activate you BEYOND your Dreams.

Our Monthly Classes have been designed to align with “The Nine” principles of Life Vision Flow, where you can move through one stage at a time, there’s no rush or hurry to finish “another course or program”, instead an ease in and out way, for you to continually evolve and step into your Life’s Greatest Vision and Work.

We understand through practice and experience, that group learning, using Modern Coaching & Modern Spiritual Practices, you transform and change your life radically. Meaning, you’ll become the Woman you know you came here to BE, faster, with full support and encouragement from other Visionairies, like you.

Your Gifts & Talents Are Needed!

There has never been a time like this in our world, where the opportunity for us to share our gifts has been SO available to us. Yet, most of us hide behind our old conditioned stories and beliefs, keeping us from really tuning into our truth and Soul Calling.

If you’ve been hearing that whisper from your Soul, that nudge or inkling from your intutition that NOW is the time to make a change, learn how to Show up and Serve, The One96 CommUnity is here to help you manage your fear, know your genius and take the bold moves to step out into the world with your brilliance.

Would You Like to Be Seen for Your Brilliance & Share Your Great Work?

Share Your Talent & Help Others Rise