Activate Your Innate Genius

One96 is a Method and Model for Wellness & Transformation

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A Process & A Practice

Meditation, Mindfulness, Miracles & Money!

One96 is a process and practice of transformation, blending Visualisation, Meditation, Mindfulness, Life & Business Coaching to help you to Activate what is within you, so that you can bring your ideas to life, releasing your fears along the way.

One96 is only available within our membership community, REALM

Feeding a Different Kind of Hunger

We Are Here to Make a Difference

You are here because you are a Leader in the Wellness Industry, creating change & transformation in others.

You are seeking a Sacred Space to join in CommUnity, Collaborate and Connect with others who share your passion & vision.

If you’re feeling isolated and alone as you try to grow your Wellness Practice, our Workshops, Immersives and Retreats, held in the beautiful Scottish Borders are designed for you to nurture & deepen your Great Work.

As we facilitate transformation in others, we need to find our own places and spaces for ourselves to recover – which is why One96 exists, for you, the Wellness Practitioner to receive what you give every single day.

Due to COVID restrictions, we’ve been unable to offer our services in-person. In the meantime, we’ve created an online Sacred Space so that we can gather and continue with our great work.

No, it’s not the same as meeting and gathering together, but we fully welcome your support to keep our humble little business going!


Contribute & Engage on Topics that matter and hear from Teachers, Leaders & Activists who Talk to your Heart.

Write an article (or a few), respond with thoughtful insights and allow others’ to enhance your life through their wisdom.

Circles & Spaces

Attend Circles and join in Spaces, curated to Deepen your Daily Practice & Connection to Self & Source.

Be seen, witnessed and Heard in Sacred Circle. Co-work & Collaborate – you may find exactly what you need here.

Ritual & Retreat

Carefully curated Rituals to help you connect to your innate wisdom and desires, with online and offline.

Retreats to provide you with the teachings and knowledge to help you step further into your potential.

Our CommUnity has moved to a Sacred Online Space, join us here whilst we eagerly await meeting in person once again!